Accelerate Change While Delivering Results

When how business results are achieved matters as much as what is achieved…

WorkOut is a large-scale transformation event focusing 20-60+ people across businesses, functions, and levels on an ambitious, cross-boundary business objective.

  • Focus on Results. Expect to deliver tangible, measurable results within 100 days or less.
  • Model of Employee Engagement. Get employees at all levels to identify what’s important to build momentum and generate results.
  • Active Sponsorship. Remove barriers to progress while promoting innovation and bold, disciplined decision-making to develop new solutions.
  • Speed and Alignment. Organize to deliver results now! Gain alignment across silos and decision-makers.
  • Follow Through. Promote actionable goal-setting and accountability for results – no more redesigns.
  • Immediate Action. Get started on good ideas since there is no need to wait for perfection.
Schaffer Consulting - WorkOut

For over 25 years, Schaffer Consulting has helped clients apply WorkOut to transform culture and performance for their organizations in a way that builds their capability to deliver measurable, business results in 100 days or less.

Schaffer Consulting helped Jack Welch develop the original GE WorkOut Process during the mid-1980s. Since then, we’ve helped dozens of organizations successfully implement WorkOut to deliver billions in cost savings and revenue enhancements while developing the leadership capability and process skills to apply WorkOut on their own.

WorkOut: A Flexible Approach

Business leaders are using WorkOut to tackle a variety of critical business and performance issues. What can WorkOut do for you?

Accelerating Sales Growth

  • “Our new business strategy means that we're asking our sales force to move in an entirely new direction and to “raise their game”. How can we ensure that they're up to the challenge?”
  • “Our share price has been flat for years. We need to grow our top line dramatically - how do we get there?”

Driving Operational Excellence

  • “We’re not meeting our customers’ expectations. How can we deliver better results in Operations than we commit to in our Marketing promises?”
  • Improving Business Performance

Engaging Employees

  • “I’ve heard that WorkOut can be used to engage my people in solving complex business problems. How can I use this tool to tap their knowledge and drive fast, effective decision-making that translates into real results for us?”

Executing Strategy

  • “Incremental improvements are no longer enough—we want to transform our organization. How do we align our people, processes and culture to deliver results from our new strategy - quickly?”

Improving Business Performance

  • “Our P&L tells us we have issues; how do I know that we're working on the right drivers of performance – with urgency?”
  • “I need to cut costs strategically and constructively. How can I eliminate unnecessary work that helps my organization not just survive, but focus on and prepare for future opportunities?”
  • “Our business is too complex. How can we simplify the ways we operate, to better focus on meeting our customers’ needs – and deliver better results?”

Boosting Innovation

  • “Our customers’ needs are quickly evolving. How can we get new products to market more quickly?”

Schaffer Consulting's WorkOut Toolkit is a valuable set of materials that will allow your organization to use WorkOut more productively. You'll be able to determine if your situation is appropriate for WorkOut . And you'll have greater success designing events, conducting them, and monitoring post-event activities with the right tools, designed by the Schaffer Consulting consultants who helped to develop WorkOut with GE.

The Toolkit contains proven and practical materials, field tested by our consultants. Some of the many items included in the kit are:

  • Recommendation templates
  • Orientation Guides for designers, facilitators, champions, and sponsors
  • Training materials and accompanying training guide 
  • Tactical forms (meeting invitations, "hold the date" announcements, email templates for pre-work assignments, etc.)

Every organization that is serious about WorkOut should purchase today's best WorkOut aid , the Schaffer Consulting WorkOut Toolkit.

Here is a list of publications, focusing on the WorkOut process, written by our consultants.


The first guide to General Electric’s famous "Work-Out" change management tool was written by GE insiders. GE’s legendary Work-Out program played a key role in the organization's phenomenal success over the past decade and has been implemented in many other companies. Now, three members of the team, including Ron Ashkenas of Schaffer Consulting, discuss the inner workings of Work-Out and their experiences at successfully implementing the program at GE. They explain how Work-Outs can be used in other organizations, making necessary adaptations while protecting the overall integrity of the process. Filled with effective assessment and decision-making tools, GE Work-Out provides concrete and realistic guidance for anyone who wants to implement Work-Out and break down bureaucracy and hierarchy within their organization.

Also published in Korean, Portuguese, and Chinese.

This publication shows how to make large-scale changes succeed by using 100-day results-producing projects to develop vital implementation capability. Written by leaders in the field of change management, Rapid Results! describes an approach that has been field-tested by real organizations of every size and industry to improve performance and accelerate the pace of change.

Selected Blogs


Financial Turnaround and Cultural Change

The new CEO of a struggling, 100 year old European financial services firm saw the writing on the wall for the venerable but under-performing company. The organization had to achieve nothing less than a complete transformation of its financial performance and corporate culture if it was to survive... Over the first four years of this transformation, WorkOuts generated over $75 million ...  learn more...

ING Group  

Manufacturing: Radical Profit Turnaround

A major manufacturer was faced with a daunting challenge. It needed to break through to profitability after several years of losses. With a majority of business coming from commodity products, much of the turnaround in performance had to occur in the production lines for these products in the company's four plants. In initial discussions, company leadership set a goal of making an improvement of an additional $1.5 million in profit in that fiscal year ... learn more...

Public Utility: Quantum Leap in Line Crew Utilization

This major electric utility company was confronting the need to increase labor productivity. Specifically, the utilization of the line crews that maintain its electrical distribution network was averaging less than four hours per day. The pattern of low output meant that planners assigned the crews primarily to quick repair jobs in their local areas. Expensive, and more complex, construction jobs ...  learn more...

Skandia International

Skandia International closed revenue gaps and achieved $32.5 million USD within the last 4 months of the year. learn more...

Global Eye-care Company

This eye-care company underwent a 15 month transformation from one of weak earnings in an increasingly competitive global market, to one where EBTIDA exceeded goals, valuation increased, and the company was able to invest in growth and development. learn more...

Government Agency: Bureaucracy Busting and Customer Satisfaction

WorkOut helped launch a broad transformation of ways of working in this Department of Transportation – including a major focus on quality, on new ways of involving the public, and on new ways of interacting with major suppliers and contractors. learn more...

Insurance: Increase Renewal Account Premiums

The commercial property division of this major insurance company recognized that it urgently needed to increase the rates on renewing commercial property business. For years the market for property insurance had been soft, with brokers and customers essentially dictating rates. The business was losing money...  learn more...

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