Post-Merger Integration

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Schaffer Consulting draws on 25+ years’ experience guiding large-scale integration efforts to help clients deliver results quickly, accelerate ROI, and achieve integration success.

  • Improve Performance. We utilize best practices in simplification and operational excellence to maximize value capture during the integration.
  • Deliver Results. Our Rapid Results approach delivers tangible results quickly and builds momentum through rapid-cycle, 100-day projects.
  • Engage People. We use WorkOut and other proven methodologies to engage large groups to tackle complex, cross-boundary synergies.
  • Inspire Leadership. We help executives to quickly take charge, set direction, and achieve results.
Schaffer Consulting - Post-Merger Integration

Three Key Integration Principles

Our extensive PMI work, such as developing an integration model for GE, has been described in Harvard Business Review and applied by dozens of leading companies.

1. Early integration planning

We help our clients define their merger intent – a picture of the combined organization 12-24 months in the future that provides the strategic, financial, operational, organizational, and cultural vision.

2. Focus on business results

We collaborate with clients to achieve results fast – and help unlock hidden value in the combined organization by finding new ways of doing things.

3. Effective communications

We help engage the organization by effectively communicating results and progress achieved.  Key internal and external stakeholders stay informed.

Schaffer Consulting's Integration Toolkit

Schaffer's Toolkit provides a comprehensive online guide to successfully navigating the M&A integration landscape. Companies with growth strategies based on frequent acquisitions use this set of tools to develop a customized integration process for pre and post-deal action. Around the world, Schaffer Consulting's clients in financial services, manufacturing, and pharmaceuticals use our licensed materials to integrate their acquisitions more quickly and more successfully.

The Toolkit contains practical materials and advice for those who are serious about realizing a payoff from their M&A efforts. Organized around three key acquisition integration phases (Pre-Acquisition, Ramp-Up, and Rapid Execution ), it is especially useful for companies that anticipate making multiple deals and want to make integration a core competence. The Toolkit includes process flows, best practice checklists, critical integration work session agendas, diagnostic instruments, and easy to use templates.

Every organization that is serious about achieving ROI on their acquisitions should learn more about today's best M&A aid , the Schaffer Consulting Integration Toolkit.

Schaffer Consulting - PMI Toolkit sample - Hand-off Assessment

Schaffer Consulting - PMI Toolkit sample - Assessing Retention Risk

Here is a list of publications, focusing on post-merger integration, written by our consultants.


  • Harvard Business Review on Mergers and Acquisitions

    The compilation showcases six Review articles and one case study on major aspects of M&A. From valuation to integration, this collection helps business leaders think through how to avoid the pitfalls that make this strategic move one of the most difficult to do successfully. The book contains two articles by Ron Ashkenas and Suzanne Francis of Schaffer Consulting. The book also contains case commentary by Ashkenas and by two of our clients.

Selected Blogs


Leveraging Intellectual Property - Software and Services Company

Schaffer Consulting enabled two competitors to merger and combine their data seamlessly. This resulted in sales revenue growth and expanded market coverage. learn more...

General Electric

Schaffer Consulting has advised GE on integrations for more than two decades and were the original developers of GE’s Acquisition Integration process.     learn more...

JLG Industries

Schaffer Consulting helped JLG Industries integrate Omniquip, a competitor in the telehandler manufacturing business.     learn more...


Schaffer Consulting helped create an integration process and build internal integration resources to support their goal of $325 million in cost reduction synergies over two years.     learn more...

Johnson & Johnson

After Schaffer Consulting conducted a best practice assessment of J&J's largest acquisitions, we were engaged to help apply the lessons to specific integrations at J&J Ethicon, the world's leading provider of surgical sutures, hemostats, and anchors.     learn more...

Grupo Industrial Saltillo

Grupo Industrial Saltillo Building Products Division (GIS) wanted to expand their water heater market share, so they merged with a company called Cal-O-Rex, the Mexican water heater business of U.S.-based American Standard.     learn more...

The MENTOR Network

Mentor, one of the leading human services companies in the US, asked Schaffer Consulting to assist on its acquisition of a competitor (REM).     learn more...

Zurich Latin America

Schaffer Consulting (then called Robert H. Schaffer & Associates - RHS&A) was helping the CEO to implement its growth strategy by launching new products and expanding sales in some of the existing markets.     learn more...


Schaffer Consulting helped merge the Mexican subsidiary of US firm Diveo with Metronet – both technology solutions providers and data center management firms.     learn more...

Wal-Mart (Central America)

Schaffer Consulting worked with the CEO and the board during the early stages of the integration between the US, Guatemalan, and Costa Rican companies.     learn more...

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