We help established companies innovate like startups

Schaffer clients drive innovation challenges at every level, from disruptive new business models to new product introduction and process/service adaptation. Whatever the scale, our rapid-cycle approach accelerates change and maximizes impact across the innovation lifecycle.

We put 50+ years of innovation experience to work with every client, partnering with them to shake up the status quo, set audacious goals, and drive innovation on every level. Following are our guiding principles:

  • Break the Rules: Engage in healthy levels of risk taking. Loosen up on rigid processes and procedures. Enable temporary structures.
  • Set Impossible Goals: Tap into the unknown seen only by visionaries who are willing shoot for the impossible. Assemble support behind those willing to lead a moonshot effort.
  • Test Early and Often: Determine which innovations will succeed by giving customers a chance to see, feel, and engage with new ideas. Test, don't guess.
  • Be Ready to Pivot: As organizations test innovations, be willing to substantially change one or more element of initial plans.
  • Inspire the Right and the Ready: Embrace volunteers, lateral thinkers, and mavericks who raise their hands to push against boundaries. Reward their creativity and experimentation.
Schaffer Consulting - Innovation

Schaffer Supports 4th Generation Innovation in Two Key Ways:

Here is a list of publications, focusing on innovation, written by our consultants.


Rapid Results! How 100-Day Projects Build the Capacity for Large-Scale Change , Robert H. Schaffer, Ronald N. Ashkenas, and Associates; Jossey-Bass; 2005.

This publication shows how to make large-scale changes succeed by using 100-day results-producing projects to develop vital implementation capability. Written by leaders in the field of change management, Rapid Results! describes an approach that has been field-tested by real organizations of every size and industry to improve performance and accelerate the pace of change. 

Selected Blogs


Food Manufacturer

A large food manufacturer had identified two critical issues with its new product development process. Schaffer helped them discover new processes and implement them across the organization in 90 days. Learn more...

A Global Financial Services Company

A division of a global financial services company had recently merged several business lines, each with its own support functions. They asked us to help eliminate duplicate roles and streamline support functions; part of this would naturally result in headcount reduction in addition to improved work processes.     learn more...

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