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Careers With Schaffer Consulting

The Schaffer Experience

The Schaffer Experience Each day, in a wide range of private, public, and not for profit organizations, Schaffer Consulting consultants experience the variety, challenge and satisfaction of working with management teams as co-strategist, coach, and catalyst for results acceleration. You will help develop some of the industry's most innovative thinking and apply it to real client challenges. A consulting engagement at Schaffer Consulting could focus on creating growth opportunities in a global financial institution, operational improvement at a steel mill, acquisition integration at a pharmaceutical company, or product management at a consumer products powerhouse.

Our People

Our People Our recruits join us because they believe Schaffer Consulting is a place where they can build a management consulting career and contribute to the evolution of management consulting thinking and practice. The average tenure in the firm is over a decade—a true anomaly at any professional services firm. And even though no two consultants here are alike, each of us shares a passion for translating strategy into profound results in a way that develops sustained leadership capacity. In terms of specialization, our consultants work within a "generalist pool", maximizing their exposure to a variety of clients, business issues, and industries.

The Way We Work

The Way We Work The enduring legacy we leave our senior clients: the ability to zero in quickly on results that matter most; and demand-making skills to challenge and empower teams to attain these results.

Our passion for results does not come at the expense of long-term development of people, skills, and strategy. On the contrary, the pursuit of results also serves as a platform for refining strategies, developing capacities, and achieving long-term goals.

We truly care about our clients' business challenges. Schaffer Consulting consultants often become trusted advisors to their client partners— working together to explore ways to get the entire organization engaged in facing a critical business challenge. Our broad experience in helping clients quickly achieve results—and discover what it will take to sustain these gains—stimulates a strong collaborative partnership with our clients.

This "results-first" approach stands in sharp contrast to traditional consulting practices where process, strategy, technical advice, or analysis is usually the primary, or at least initial, focus.

Our Culture

Our Culture We are an entrepreneurial firm committed to our people and their success. We work together in a mutually-supportive and collegial environment. We devote time and energy to self-development — for instance, our quarterly All Firm Development Day, a two-day meeting that includes skill development and case analysis. And, every member of the firm is encouraged to write for publication and to be active in professional associations.

While each consultant is assigned a rotating mentor, we encourage consultants to build informal mentoring relationships. Our culture encourages informal feedback, but we also have formal career reviews twice a year. The firm is led by a management committee, working closely with the entire staff of consultants. An internal buy-out arrangement assures continuing ownership of the firm by each successive generation of consultants.


We seek experienced managers and consultants who appreciate and understand the human behavioral dynamics that affect organizational performance. These individuals would be genuinely interested in building a career helping clients unleash and enhance their own capabilities to achieve results.

Specific attributes and capacities we look for include:

  • Graduate degree and sophistication about business in general
  • Capacity to relate to senior managers, and understand their business
  • Capacity to work effectively with teams as they pursue ambitious goals
  • Capacity to conceptualize and write about how managers can become more effective in tackling business and organizational challenges
  • Entrepreneurial attitude—interest and proven skills developing a book of business through networking and persistent marketing
  • Self reflection and insight into one's own strengths and limitations, and openness to feedback

Most importantly, we are looking for individuals who have a visceral enthusiasm for helping organizations achieve better results and create a bigger impact. This "instinct for results" is a pre-requisite for long-term success in the firm.

If you think you would enjoy working at Schaffer Consulting, we would be delighted to hear from you. Send us an email at . Attach your resume and a cover letter that explains why you are interested in working here. If you would like more information about Schaffer Consulting or have specific questions, complete and submit the accompanying form.