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About Us

For over 50 years, Schaffer Consulting has helped organizations in every industry perform better. Our mission is to help individuals and organizations around the world reach their full potential through the achievement of successful, sustainable results.

Five factors differentiate Schaffer from virtually every other consulting firm:

  1. Results as the Means, as well as the End: Pursuing business results is the way to build capabilities and to change culture. We don’t believe in big programs that aim to develop competencies or to change culture independent of delivering results to the business.
  2. Delivery of Improvement – Not Just Recommendations: We partner with our clients and "move the needle" on their critical opportunities, rather than present ideas and walk away.
  3. Speed used to Mitigate Risk: We help organizations improve performance in seemingly impossible timeframes - often less than 100 days - and then leverage these achievements to inform and accelerate larger transformation.
  4. Experience Applied at all Levels: Our seasoned consultants work throughout an organization in order to create broad ownership for results, and for the changes that are critical to achieve them.
  5. Development of Our Clients: We strive to leave places better than we found them. Partnering with us, companies become more adept at continuous improvement and managing change.

The leaders with whom we collaborate appreciate these differences and are rewarded with dramatic business results , often within weeks from the start of our collaboration.

Our organizational change philosophy and methodologies have been highlighted in eight books and over 200 articles , including fourteen in the Harvard Business Review.

If you need a big step up in performance or want to carry out a major change, contact us.

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