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About Us

We work with clients that demand both rapid, measurable results and direct internal ownership for producing those results.

Schaffer Consulting is a results-focused consulting firm that takes a powerful high-impact approach to helping clients achieve significant, accelerated success in revenue growth, cost reduction, and performance improvement.

While these are common challenges for most organizations, our approach is distinct.

We begin with results. Working side by side with leaders and their teams, we help organizations translate important objectives into well-defined targets and make measurable progress. Right away. And our approach is specifically designed to harness clients’ inherent energy and capabilities to drive meaningful results, strengthening both the participants and the organization in the process.

Helping clients make measurable progress quickly translates into rapid payback and an extraordinary track record of client success. Because our clients are fully invested in the work, they own the results. And the strategic capabilities and momentum that we help them generate yields ongoing benefits long after our consultants are gone.

There is no shortage of consulting firms that can study your issues in depth and give you sound and well reasoned analysis. But our focus is on helping you move the needle on critical opportunities quickly and sustainably. Learn more about how our approach translates into measurable, ongoing impact on your business.