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10/17/2014 - Ron Ashkenas to Conduct Webinar for OD Network

The purpose of this webinar is to give you a way of helping managers diagnose and deal with self-generated complexity

10/15/2014 - Dallas Ebola case shows sound plans can fail

Why the best laid plans to recognize the Ebola virus were unsuccessful at Dallas.

8/29/2014 - Andrew Shapiro to Lecture at Columbia University

A lecture on strategy execution at Columbia University's Information and Knowledge Strategy program.

5/28/2014 - Congratulations to the Rapid Results Institute for Helping Bring an End to Chronic Homelessness

In June 2014, 100,000 Homes Campaign is expected to announce it has reached its goal.

5/19/2014 - Big Data: The Savior of Enterprises or a False Prophet?

A white paper that gets to the heart of the challenges enterprises are encountering as they work to successfully implement big data initiatives.

3/27/2014 - Ron Ashkenas to speak at AMCF Global Leadership Forum

2014 Top Global Game-Changers: Our Clients' Greatest Opportunities, Challenges and Risks...What Lies Ahead?

3/25/2014 - Ron Ashkenas on "Critical Mass" discussing Rapid Results and Simplicity

Ron Ashkenas discusses Schaffer's Rapid Results Approach and Ron's latest book "Simply Effective" on "Critical Mass."

3/19/2014 - Schaffer Consulting Panel on Contemporary Healthcare Issues

A focus on the challenges and benefits of physician-hospital system alignment.

2/18/2014 - Rapid Results Approach Helps 100,000 Homes House Over 80,000 Homeless So Far

100,000 Homes featured on 60 minutes after utilizing Schaffer's Rapid Results approach.

12/12/2013 - Robert Schaffer Keynote Speaker at International Maintenance Conference

"Making Something out of Nothing," the talk will describe how maintenance groups can contribute to major productivity gains which often require disruptive change.