Learn more about what our consultants are doing to help companies take advantage of high-impact consulting and achieve rapid results throughout their organizations.

7/19/2016 - Intentional Creativity© Workshop

This unique learning experience leverages the latest findings in behavioral science research to increase leaders’ creativity.

5/27/2016 - Robert Schaffer at the 2016 Global Leadership Forum

Robert Schaffer will address the 2016 Global Leadership Forum sponsored by the World Bank Group. The session discusses the identification of clear goals, the discipline of implementing plans and the role that teams play.

4/14/2016 - Rapid Results and Growth Innovation in European Seminar

Mobilize your organization and apply change methodology for measurable and sustainable results

4/13/2016 - Change with Rapid Results – a seminar in Vienna

Learn how to find the hidden energy in your organization and create lasting change.

12/28/2015 - Schaffer Consulting Webinar Brought Real-World Insights on Driving Innovation Results

Schaffer's "Going for Gold" Webinar, now available for replay online, delivered new insights into how companies innovate

11/18/2015 - Webinar: Going for Gold – Four Conditions for Winning in Innovation

Interactive webinar focuses on the results of Schaffer's innovation survey and implications for innovation leaders

11/9/2015 - Schaffer Consulting presents “Going for the Gold”, a webinar about the four conditions necessary for winning in innovation

Innovation leaders must create the conditions where that inspiration and agility will deliver results

11/6/2015 - Schaffer partners with Harvard Business Review on Innovation Assessment

Determine how your company's innovation effectiveness compares to other HBR readers

11/5/2015 - Creating a Faster, Simpler, and More Nimble Organization

Ron Ashkenas to provide keynote round up at TSAM Boston: The world's leading event for developing efficient investment management companies

10/29/2015 - Boost Sales Through the CFO's Office

Driving growth through Sales Performance Management systems