Learn more about what our consultants are doing to help companies take advantage of high-impact consulting and achieve rapid results throughout their organizations.

7/25/2018 - Columbia Teachers College Features Robert Schaffer on the art of helping companies help themselves

Robert Schaffer, founder of Schaffer Consulting, describes how he developed the Rapid Results Approach – and how it has been utilized by organizations around the world to make vast changes and build capability.

5/25/2018 - Rapid Results in 100 Days

What if you had to manage an extremely challenging business problem, and a consultant said that their company had a methodology to help your organization make significant, measurable progress toward your goal in 100 days? How would you respond? Me too. I’d be skeptical.

5/17/2018 - Fostering a Culture of Succession Planning

This interactive panel will discuss practical approaches to developing future leaders for the highest-level positions, unlocking leadership potential, and facilitating development throughout the larger organization.

4/27/2018 - The right recommendation that can’t be implemented properly is the wrong recommendation.

Ron Ashkenas comments on "Million-Dollar Advice: The High Cost and Limited Return on Personalized Learning Consulting"

4/16/2018 - 4 Keys to Incredible Employee Engagement

Gary Kaplan, President of Construction at XL Catlin, shares the keys -- including the Rapid Results Approach -- to engaging the workforce and creating a culture that positively impacts growth

2/8/2018 - Leading Through Turbulence

Join us as we explore how to navigate turbulent times with those who have been there - Complimentary Access March 5-9!

8/29/2017 - How XL Catlin Built a $2B Customer-Focused Construction Business From the Ground Up

XL Catlin built a $2 billion business in North America Construction in only six years. Gary Kaplan, president of the division, describes the project-centric process used to prioritize efforts on what matters the most, the compilation of a talent database that fuels continued growth, and the use of metrics to keep things on track.

5/19/2017 - Kellogg Executive Education Merger Week

Blending academic theory with real-world application