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10.10.12  Ron Ashkenas , Nadim Matta

How Social Innovation Is Helping Homeless Veterans

Creative approaches that businesses use to develop new products can also be channeled toward solving long-standing and intractable social issues. A case in point is the recent effort to house chronically homeless veterans in the U.S., as thousands of soldiers retur…

09.04.12  Wes Siegal , Markus Spiegel

Three ways to strengthen your firm’s innovation capacity

Do you have the impression that your firm could be much more innovative than it is today? If so, you are not alone. At a recent innovation workshop, several of the attendees (including many employees from smaller companies) complained that they would like to innova…

07.24.12  Ron Ashkenas

Ten Ways to Inhibit Innovation

Every company is looking for the magic formula that will produce breakthrough products and services. But a better starting point is to think about what gets in the way of innovation, especially in firms that already have lots of talented, creative, and motivated pe…

05.01.12  Ron Ashkenas

Managers Don't Really Want to Innovate

Innovation may be an organization's life blood, but still its success rate in most companies hovers at just 17%. Even innovation leader P&G succeeds less than 50% of the time.What prevents companies from innovating better? One possibility is that managers don't…

10.19.11  Robert Schaffer

Events: The Robert H. Schaffer Award

The Inaugural Robert H. Schaffer Award for Best Paper in Applied International Management was presented to Dr. Francesco Ciabuschi, Dr. Oscar Martin, and Dr. Henrik Dellestrand at the Academy of Management's annual meeting in San Antonio on August 15. Their paper, …


Innovation: One Brick at a Time: Building XL Insurance’s Construction Business

What a difference one quarter can make! Using a WorkOut project to quickly devise a strategy and put it into action, XL Insurance’s (XLI) newly launched North American Construction Unit hit the ground running, sparking innovation in 13 different areas of business a…

01.25.11  Ron Ashkenas

Can a Big Company Innovate Like a Start-Up?

Ron Ashkenas' blog post on Harvard Business Review When Google announced that co-founder Larry Page was replacing Eric Schmidt as CEO, the official reason was to "streamline decision making" at the top. Instead of a triumvirate, there would be one person clearly in…


Avery Dennison video

Here is an excerpt from a video Avery Dennison made regarding how Rapid Results Projects helped them gain millions of dollars. "If you have ideas about things that you want to do in terms of new products, new customers, new services, new geographies, you do not hav…