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Innovation drives growth and simplicity. As organizations mature, processes emerge that tamp down peoples’ abilities to identify opportunities and go after them right away. Great ideas for incremental, adjacent, and disruptive innovation languish. More nimble competitors beat incumbents to the punch. The solution is to empower employees to spot and test innovations quickly – fast fail to minimize risk, or scale and extend results.

At Schaffer, we help leaders articulate how innovation enables strategy realization. We build alignment around the types and phases of innovation necessary for success and the best ways to uncover high-potential ideas. We teach teams to empathize with internal and external customers to grow understanding of emerging needs. And we facilitate rapid-cycle, low-risk experiments that test the validity of potential solutions. Whether improving operational excellence, launching new products or services, or creating new business models, our approach accelerates the pace of learning necessary to separate winning opportunities from lower-impact ones.

Innovation is in every organization’s DNA. Established companies have both the ideas and the resources to pursue them. But unlocking the power of that potential demands dismantling bureaucratic obstacles. Schaffer helps organizations reconnect with their innate capacity to create.

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