Executive Alignment and Coaching

Learning through accomplishing

Engaging teams to drive major change in order to realize significant results takes unified leadership

The process of aligning the executive team and developing leadership capabilities works best when it goes hand-in-hand with the achievement of important business goals.

Engaging teams to drive major business change and realize significant bottom line results takes unified leadership. Almost every Schaffer Consulting engagement begins with establishing consensus among an organization’s top leaders. When the entire executive team is on the same page, leaders can much more effectively create buy-in across the organization for executing new strategies and implementing major change programs.

Schaffer Consulting believes the best way to establish executive alignment and develop leadership capacity and confidence is through experience. While our approaches and methods are primarily designed to drive major results for your organization in short order, the leaders who participate in these intense and focused projects can’t help but learn how to better collaborate and grow as a unified leadership team along the way.

By playing a major role in project planning and implementation, and by spearheading the effort to generate tangible, meaningful business results and achieve urgent performance goals, leaders learn about working with each other across organizational boundaries. Together, they inspire peak performance among team members and overcome unforeseen obstacles. They develop the mindset and behaviors to guide teams to successful outcomes for complex business challenges.

This experience-based learning is augmented with leadership coaching throughout the course of projects. And all learning is reinforced by the rapid and repeated successes that are a hallmark of our high-impact approach. Ultimately, our brand of results-fueled learning and executive alignment cultivates leaders who are increasingly confident and ready to collaboratively and decisively address new challenges and opportunities in complex business environments.

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